“The Flash” issue 750

Written by Scott Lobdell

Wildstorm Concepts: Gen13 - Caitlin Fairchild WildCATS - Zealot StormWatch - Fuji Deathblow WildCATS - Grifter Backlash Union

RCO001_1583343040Since the blog that inspired me, Weathering Wildstorm, came back, I figured it was fitting for me to do a new post as well!

In Flash #750, coming off the series “Flash Forward”, Flash Wally West sits in the Metron Chair, an object from the New Gods that grants him omnipresence. With it, he’s able to see every Earth and timeline from the past and present, and upon seeing the Wildstorm Earth, he mentions its heroes are “more wild and unpredictable than he could imagine.”

That’s it for this one-panel cameo, though there are a few things that bear commenting: For one, Deathblow was mistakenly coloured black. Could this be caused by his new black incarnation in the pages of “The Wild Storm”? Secondly, this is the first time we’ve seen Union and Backlash since the end of the old WSU in 2011, and Backlash is, of course, drawn by his legendary artist Brett Booth.


Side note: Some of you might have wondered if there were some Wildstorm cameos in “Doomsday Clock” issue 12. The answer, sadly, is no. Just copycats. This isn’t Zealot:


And this isn’t Fuji:


7 thoughts on ““The Flash” issue 750”

  1. What do you think about this cameo? It could lead to a reintroduction of Wildstorm characters in the DCU? Because of 5G and Jim Lee is on charge of things now! Or just a new imprint with a new WSU? Since The Wild Storm Wildcats didn’t go anywhere.
    Really happy that the both blogs are back!


    1. Honestly, had it come from different creators, I’d have said this could mean more, but it was done by Booth and Lobdell, both WS veterans who’ve done like half of the WS appearances in DC. I fear this is most of what we’ll be seeing for a while – small cameos in corners of pages when recounting the multiverse and things like that. The new Wild Storm made the pre-existent characters in DC purposeless, but then even the new WSU got halted. It’s a real shame, what happened to the new Wildcats book. The artist just couldn’t make the deadlines. It’s kind of funny, that this has happened with every Wildcats volume, though.


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