The chronology of the New 52’s WSU

This is the order of events in the DC Universe that pertain to Wildstorm characters and concepts. Of course, this is all subject to change as I read on and fix things I might not have discovered the first time.

The chronology includes these major acts:
the birth of Wildstorm in the DC Universe
the Pre-History of Wildstorm in the DC Universe
the Daemonites Face Alien Extinction
Caitlin Fairchild Faces The Culling
Team 7 Faces Basilisk’s Rise
StormWatch Hits a Reset Button
the old Wildstorm Universe Returns in the Convergence
Midnighter Faces Spyral
Halo and the Authority make their appearances
Final Notes: the Loose Ends

A guide of the second generation of Wildstorm through the DC merging

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