the Loose Ends

•    What happened to Tsavo, from “Grifter”?
•    What happened to Gretchen, Grifter’s girlfriend, abducted by the Black Curate?
•    What happened to the clone Voodoo, stranded in the Dead City?
•    Lincoln, from “Voodoo” delivered the blue flame to a mysterious character. Who?
•    Who is Jenny Quantum’s dad, a high ranking military man?
•    What was the decision that Jenny took in regards to Midnighter in “Stormwatch”, issue #8?
•    What is the white place that Harry and Projectionist, from StormWatch, ran off to in issue #6? Why does it amplify Projectionist’s powers and allow her to listen to media from different Earths?
•    Who are the pale men with no expressions who turned Angie into the Engineer? Were these the Shadow Lords? Why did the fourth Shadow Lord disappear during the time of the Aztecs?
•    What is the favour that the Shadow Lords ask of J’onn to allow him to quit the team, and why is it “the thing he fears the most”?
•    Harry found one of the danger caches which Adam One had kept in secret from the group, and inside he found a lot of busts. What lies in the other danger cache?
•    What does Helspont know about Superman’s father, Jor-El? He hinted knowing him in “Superman Annual,” issue #1.
•    Why does Caitlin say there are other thirteen like her in “Superboy”, issue #1? The Ravagers are thirteen people, but she’s not a Ravager.
•    It is prophesised that Adam One will cause the death of his father, Lucifer. When does this happen?
•    What is the small favour Harvest asks of Ridge if he wants to come back to The Ravagers, as mentioned in “Legion Lost”, issue #15?
•    Why did Niles Caulder bring Caitlin back to life and how did he give her powers?

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