the Loose Ends

•    What happened to Gretchen, Grifter’s girlfriend, abducted by the Black Curate in Grifter #6?
•    What happened to Tsavo, the plotting daemonite last seen in Grifter #8?
•    What happened to the clone Voodoo, stranded in the Dead City of Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter in Voodoo #12?
•    Lincoln, from “Voodoo” delivered the blue flame to a mysterious character in issue #12. To whom?
•    It is prophesised in “Stormwatch” #2 that Adam One will cause the death of his father, Lucifer. When does this happen?
•    Who is Jenny Quantum’s dad, a high ranking military man mentioned in StormWatch #5?
•    What is the white place that Harry and Projectionist, from StormWatch, ran off to in issue #6? Why does it amplify Projectionist’s powers and allow her to listen to media from different Earths?
•    What was the decision that Jenny took in regards to Midnighter in “Stormwatch”, issue #8?
•    Who are the pale men with no expressions who turned Angie into the Engineerm mentioned in StormWatch #11? Were these the Shadow Lords?
•    Why did the fourth Shadow Lord disappear during the time of the Aztecs, as mentioned in StormWatch #12?
•    What is the favour that the Shadow Lords ask of J’onn to allow him to quit the team in StormWatch #12, and why is it “the thing he fears the most”?
•    What does Helspont know about Superman’s father, Jor-El? He hinted knowing him in “Superman Annual,” issue #1.
•    Why does Caitlin say there are other thirteen like her in “Superboy”, issue #1? The Ravagers are thirteen people, but she’s not a Ravager.
•    What is the small favour Harvest asks of Ridge if he wants to come back to The Ravagers, as mentioned in “Legion Lost”, issue #15?
•    Why did Niles Caulder bring Caitlin back to life, as revealed in “Ravagers” issue #12, and how did he give her powers?

A guide of the second generation of Wildstorm through the DC merging

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