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“All-Star Western” vol.3 issues 17 -21

Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti

Wildstorm concepts:   stormwatch  authority-century-babies

Although this title is mainly about Jonah Hex, the backups included in each issue tell the story of another incarnation of StormWatch, eight centuries after the Demon Knights. They are comprised by Adam One, the real identity of Merlin; Doctor 13, a sceptical paranormalist; Jenny Freedom, a century baby; and Master Gunfighter, a Gunslighter.all-star-western

This short saga shows us a darker side of Adam, as he finds out vampire Mircalla Nosferata wants to assemble the Three Skulls of Boundless Rule, mystical items capable of granting any wish. Adam decides he wants such limitless power to himself, so he sets out to bring StormWatch back together. Apparently, the team from this century had disbanded, possibly after facing the Hidden people, a group of murderous Neanderthals.

Adam finds Jenny in Maryland, after she defeats the menace of Smokestack Jack. Doctor 13 is found in Laona, New York, proving the reports of paranormal murders were caused by nothing but normal humans. Master Gunfighter was in Texas, battling werewolves. Now Adam is prepared to race against Mircalla and her vampire followers.

Adam doesn’t tell his group that Mircalla is travelling in a group, though. He picked Doctor 13 to be nothing but a sacrifice, knowing he’s a virgin – Adam wants to use him as a distraction to grab the Skulls and run. The team enters the Lost City of Gold, where their quest should end. Immediately, they are ambushed by vampires who overpower them. Having no special abilities, Doctor 13 is promptly bitten by Mircalla, but his diet with a high concentration of garlic works as a venom and Mircalla explodes from the inside out. Without his queen, the rest of the vampires die soon after. The roof collapses, burying the Skulls forevermore.

In the end, after having found out about Adam One’s intentions, the other members of StormWatch are angered. They decide to leave Adam in the desert, without clothes or a horse. He’ll be fine; he’s immortal.

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