“Birds of Prey” vol.3 issue 25

Written by Christy Marx

Wildstorm concepts: gen13-lynch

This story takes place on the “Zero Year”, that is to say, six years before the “present” and a year before Team 7. We see how two future Team 7 members meet, and the first appearance of a beloved Wildstorm character on this continuity: John Lynch.


This takes place during the Zero Year story in “Batman”, but that’s not important. All that matters is one of Batman’s villains, Riddler, cuts off the electricity on the entire city, so crime starts running rampant. Lynch, a mere soldier at this point, is tasked with stopping whoever was responsible. He has a contact in town which might have information on it. Meanwhile, Dinah Drake is trying to stop all the people committing crimes. The dojo she lives in and where she practices martial arts is the most important thing in the world to her, so she wants to protect her street. By pure chance, she finds Lynch’s contact, but he’s been stabbed in the middle of all the chaos. The contact asks her to deliver his chip to Lynch. Even though there is a blackout, the chip works with a functional GPS, so Lynch and his men are able to track it. They aren’t the only ones, though. A mysterious group of ninjas are also after it. They confront Dinah, who has to run through the city and fight to avoid getting killed. She survives long enough for Lynch and the soldiers to arrive, and they make short work of the ninjas.

They offer to take Dinah home, but it was caught by a fire in the middle of all the chaos. Her dojo is destroyed. Impressed by the way she handed herself with all the ninjas, Lynch offers Dinah a job – she has the potential to be a skillful agent. And so begins a friendship between the two – which will be key when Lynch decides to include Dinah in his Team 7.

Next: “Team 7” Vol.2 issues 0 – 8, “Deathstroke” Vol.2 issue 0 and “Secret Origins” Vol.3 issue 11, written by Rob Liefeld, Christy Marx and Justin Jordan with dialogue by Tony Bedard.

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